James Webb

  • Manages NEPOOL GIS operations, services  and software enhancements
  • Manages software maintenance and enhancements for WREGIS, ACR, CAR and the VCS Project Database
  • Experience in the New England and California REC market, as well as California ISO power scheduling

(With APX since 2006)

Bryan Gower
Manager of NYGATS and NC-RETS Operations

  • Expert on all REC Registry Operations
  • Experience includes metering procedures and the design of multi-credit markets

(With APX since 2007)

Bao Ngo
Manager of MIRECS and NAR

  • Expert on Demand Response, Power Operations and Inter-registry REC transfers
  • Experience includes project management, meter data management, and PUC Demand Response Filing monitoring

(With APX since 2005)

Lars Kvale

Head of APX Environmental Markets

  • Leading expert on REC and carbon markets
  • Experience includes developing the GHG protocols in the California carbon market, renewable energy certification programs and environmental market registries

(With APX since 2008)

Devon Walton
  Manager of the Environmental Management Account (EMA)

  • Launched the APX SaaS registry business
  • Experience includes environmental credit brokering and water and biodiversity credit program

(With APX for more than 10 years)

Hung Chau

Lead Developer for NEPOOL GIS, WREGIS, and Inter-Registry Transfers

  • Architect of the APX Environmental Registry solution
  • Expiernce includes developing the PJM GATS solution

(With APX since 1997)

Elena Shulepov

Lead Developer for ACR, CAR, MIRECS, NYGATS, NAR, and NC-RETS

  • Experience includes developing innovative solutions for RPS markets with multiple credit types (Michigan) and carve-outs (North Carolina)

(With APX since 2007)

Jason Brome

Chief of Technology for APX Environmental

  • Built APX Environmental Management Account Platform
  • Leads APX registry technology team
  • Over eighteen years of experience delivering robust, scalable technology solutions

(With APX since 2009)