Self-Reporting MWh/Emissions Data

  1. Upon logging in to the account, locate the Asset Management section
  2. Locate the generator to be updated, and click the corresponding hyperlinked month and year under the Modify Generation/Emissions column
  3. Select the appropriate year and month drop downs
  4. Fill in the Generation (MWh) and corresponding emission fields
  5. Generators located in New England will report gross monthly emissions output
  6. Import generators will report emissions in lbs/MWh
  7. Click the Save button

Reporting MWh Data as a Verifier

  1. In order to upload for a particular generator, the GIS administrator must have linked that generator to the verifier account
    • Linking between the generator and verifier account is usually processed at the time of RPS approval. The verifier should work closely with the generator to ensure proper linkage within the NEPOOL GIS.
  2. The verifier will need to create a .CSV file to capture the generation data
  3. The first line contains the unit ID number, month/year and monthly output in that order. Unit ID NON12345 generating 100.123 MWh in the month of January 2013 would be entered in the following manner:
    • 12345, 01/2013, 100.123
    • Note: MWh data can be loaded out to the thousandth decimal place. Any fractional MWh data will be carried over and applied to the subsequent generation month.
  4. If uploading data for multiple generation units, the verifier can include all the generating units in the same file. January data with multiple generating units would look like this:
    • 12345,01/2013,100.521
    • 55555,01/2013,350.51
    • 44444,01/2013,600.921
    • 33333,01/2013,50
  5. From the home screen, locate the Month/Year drop down bar with a file upload field immediately below
  6. Select the appropriate month and year and click the “Browse” button to select data file. After selecting the file, click “Open”.
  7. Click the “Upload” button.
  8. The data will immediately post to the generator’s account

ISO-NE Settlement Data

All ISO-NE generation settlement data is uploaded in to the NEPOOL GIS on a monthly basis on or around the 15th of every month subsequent to the month the generation occurred.