NEPOOL GIS System Enhancements

We would like to announce new enhancements to the NEPOOL GIS software which will hopefully make a few of the common tasks in the system more efficient. The updates below were developed in conjunction with Eversource and the United Illuminating … Continued

Massachusetts Announces RPS & APS ACP Rates for 2015

ACP Rates for the 2015 Compliance Year As required by regulation[1], DOER announced by January 31, 2015, the 2015 Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP) Rates for the Renewable & Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS & APS). RPS Class I = $67.07 … Continued

MA DOER Issues 2014 RPS & APS Annual Compliance Filing Package

DOER emailed the 2014 RPS & APS Annual Compliance Filing Package (Instructions and Workbook) in the evening of Friday, May 29, 2015, to 57 Massachusetts Retail Electricity Suppliers, including the four regulated utility companies.  Any entity that sold electricity to … Continued

NEPOOL GIS Informational Website Update

Hello NEPOOL GIS Account Holders, we would like to announce the release of the new NEPOOL GIS informational website. We have updated the site with more information and a cleaner design, which hopefully you will find more useful. Some highlights … Continued